NEWS: MMMY Music Unviels Three New Artists



A New Record Label Company called MMMY Music just signed three (3) new  Artists – Rebaykah (MMMY Queen), Baddaman Derrek and Kellyfresh.

MMMY Music was conceived and incorporated by Chijioke Mbaeyi (Baron Chymoni), Ifeanyi Onukaogu (Kellyfresh) collaborated with the founder for the incorporation of the label.

The label plans to provide the growing population of Nigerian music lovers in Nigeria, Africa as well as the World something unique in terms of class as far as the Nigerian music is concern. Whether you are looking for a normal Nigeria type of dancehall music or something cool and romantic on a hot date, or late night relaxation type of music, the artists offers something unique to every music lover.

There will be an unveiling party at notable Night Clubs in Lagos.

This is going to be one “MMMY Music” party you won’t want to miss!



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